Submission Guidelines

A submission that is not compliant with the guidelines and the general  terms of use  will be immediately removed.

Business Name

Please submit the real business name only. 

Don't use categories, general terms, phone numbers, promotional messages, and locations in the business name. Don't use excessive punctuation.

The following examples are not permitted for submission: 


Electric i n Brooklyn NY  

Joe Dow - Plumber in San Diego NY 

Immigration Attorney 

Gift Shop of Austin TX  

Call 718-718-7187 for Wholesale Prices 

Bed Bugs Removal | Bed Bugs Terminator and etc. 

Business Address

The address should contain the real business address.

If you need to control the address visibility, there is a setting in the business dashboard.
Don't add cities, states, names of buildings, or countries under the street address.

Example of malformed address:

Address: 1733 Main Str, Brooklyn NY
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Zip: 11235 

Address: Main Street
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Zip: 11235

Address: 1733 Main
City: Brooklyn , NY
State: NY
Zip: 11235

Address: 1733 Main 
City: Brooklyn , NY USA
State: NY Zip: 1123

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