Contacting Support

⚠️ We don't contact you by phone, meeting invites, or email addresses that are not originated from

Thank you for reaching out to our support team at To ensure a smooth and efficient support experience, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Most Issues Can Be Fixed by Claiming the Business Listing: is a self-served directory, and many problems can be resolved by claiming the relevant business listing.

  2. Requests for already Claimed Listings:

    • If the listing is already claimed (you do not see the claim button), all requests related to the claimed listing should be initiated from the actual business owner's email.
    • Please use the email associated with the business owner; generic or agency emails are not accepted for these requests.
    • "On behalf of" requests are also not supported. is a self-served directory.
    • If you need to reset your password, please follow the link.

  3. Updating Account:

    • If you are the account holder of the listing, please log in to your account to update the information.

  4. Claiming and Updating Listings:

    • If the listing is available to claim, please claim it and update the information accordingly.
    • Ensure that you provide the actual business owner's email in the general business info section.
    • You can use your agency email as a registered user account.

  5. Removal of Duplicates:

    • If you are requesting the removal of duplicate listings, please include the correct listing URL in your request.

  6. Submitting a New Listing:

    • If the listing does not exist, please follow the submission process.

  7. Compliance with Guidelines and Offensive and Derogatory Language Policy:

    • Requests that do not comply with the guidelines outlined above, either fully or partially, may not receive a response.
    • It is important to communicate in a respectful and courteous manner at all times when contacting our support team.
    • The use of offensive, derogatory, discriminatory, or abusive language is strictly prohibited.
    • Violations of this policy may result in the discontinuation of the conversation or a restriction of services.

  8. Email Support Availability:

    • Currently, we offer email support only.
    • Our support team will answer all your questions and assist you to the best of our abilities.

Always include the Listing URL in your request to facilitate assistance.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to assisting you with your inquiries via email support.

Please note that phone support is not available at this time.
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