Blocked Listing

All submissions go through a strict editorial validation process. If a submission is not in  compliance   with our   terms of use , it  will be denied. 

There are a few common scenarios when your submission gets blocked.

  • The business name contains a GEO place, telephone number, and promotional message. 
  • Malformed Address.
  • Mismatched Country and Directory listings.
  • The image did not pass editorial approval.
  • Adult-Oriented Content.
  • Pure Online Business.
  • Duplicated Listing.
  • Mismatched category. Intentionally mismatched category. 
  • Proxy or disposable emails as a business email. It includes SEO/Marketing agencies' emails as well. 
  • Unnatural Reviews. 
  • The agency has exceeded the maximum amount of free submissions. 
  • Your previous submissions already have been blocked for any of the reasons above.
Please contact us if we have blocked you in error:
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