Customer Communications

How can a customer communicate with me?

There are many ways that customers can communicate with you. They may contact you by clicking on one of the options in the "Contact Us" section of your listing. Those messages go directly to you and are not visible to other users of the site. Customers can also review your business.

I just received an email that I have a new message on, what should I do?

Follow directions in the email or go to your Business Dashboard. Find the new message alert. This link will bring you to your messages. Click on the "new" message and review it.

Can I delete a message?


What is the main difference between a customer review and any other customer message?

Customer reviews are visible to all users of the site, and private messages are not.

What if I don't like a customer review?

You may delete the review.

Can I respond to a message?

If a customer provided the email address, you could connect to the customer through your email client. 
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